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Temptin’The Taste Mein Twist Brand!

The name Temptin’ embodies the temptation that is associated with lip-smacking food. Our sauces & pastes make your food irresistibly delectable … be it schezwan fried rice, momos or the humble pakora. All Temptin’ products are made from the freshest of ingredients. Our signature recipes lend a characteristic flavour to each one of our products & in turn to your dishes. Try them today & add a twist to the taste of your everyday food!

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About us

The busy metropolitan lifestyle sometimes compels people to skip meals and avoid the process of preparing elaborate culinary delights. The Temptin’ range of products addresses these very issues by introducing products which bring convenience to the cooking process and add a much needed twist to the taste of everyday food. The very name Temptin’ is a manifestation of the temptation of irresistibly delicious food.

Empire Spices & Foods Ltd., the company behind the brand Temptin’, manufactures the Temptin’ range of products in its state-of-the-art plant in Nashik using the freshest of ingredients and signature recipes which lend a characteristic unforgettable taste to each of its products.

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Customer Review

Being a college student temptin’s ginger garlic paste has been a huge help for me in the kitchen.

When I first used the Temptin’ sauces I was skeptical that they would be any good. But when my entire family appreciated the taste of the dishes n dips, I knew it was the right choice!

The product taste is really good and tempting..

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